Learning starts at birth

We have a card for that.

The science is clear. From the time a child is born, he or she is learning every waking moment. And between birth to age 5, a child learns at a speed unmatched the rest of their life.

When Riley Barger delivered her first child Finley at MetroHealth, she was delighted to discover he received a library card as part of his welcome kit. Riley is an educator who knows full well the importance of literacy.

“Literacy is a key to the world, so we see the perspectives of others, we see ourselves in others. It’s creativity, it’s being imaginative, it’s being able to see outside of the box.” Riley said.  “The Library allows more access to all of those perspectives. Thinking about the books that I could put in my home versus the amount of books that the Library could put in my home is a vast difference.”

Today, Finley is in kindergarten and is an avid reader. His family, including his little sister and father, cherish their trips to the Library, even planning excursions to various branches.