Helping a teen find their voice.

And helping to share it.

Brandon started visiting CCPL in elementary school. At times, Brandon had struggled with bullying and finding a place to belong. The Library became a safe place for exploration and discovery.

“I came here because I wanted to try to make friends because I didn’t have much of those during the time. But over time, I got really liked by people and I’ve been going to the Library for years on end. All the way from elementary to middle school, and now I’m in my high school year, freshman. And I love [the] Library with all that I have because it’s just been my spot to come to whenever I wanted to feel comfortable or loved,” Brandon said.

Currently, the recording studio is a big part of the Library experience. “I’m a singer, I enjoy singing. It’s my favorite thing to do, and I hope someday to publish my own music. So sometimes I come in here, my friends that know how to work the equipment, they help me record and listen and adjust the music so it isn’t too pitchy or too off the record. But they definitely keep it sounding good,” Brandon added.