Forget Alexa and Siri.

Ask our Digital Navigators.

Nearly three quarters of seniors report they require some assistance in navigating the digital landscape.

For Library patron and lifelong learner Janice Arnold, the answers and assistance she needed were found with our Digital Navigators.

Janice is no stranger to the Library’s services. She’s brushed up her French. (She’s pretty fluent to our ears.) Managed her health through wellness programs. And studied what it will take to stay sharp as she enjoys her seventies—all at various CCPL library branches.

The Digital Navigators have helped her find freedom on the www. “The pandemic changed so many things. Zoom, I was Zooming. And some of it is simple, just pressing the little link goes in. But once you invite somebody to a Zoom meeting, that’s a whole different animal. So that is why I felt like I needed to get into a technological program such as the Digital Navigators where I can get this one-on-one explanation of, believe it or not, even vocabulary,” Janice said. “What is a hyperlink? Do I need this app? There’s a million of them. Is this one worthwhile?”